The service M-tel CONFERENCE operates with the InfoServ technology and is a joint development between M-tel and DAN electronic. Using this new service, you can set up your own conference with unlimited number of participants at any time, convenient for you. This service is fully automated, allowing instant access to conferences, conference history, account information and conference recordings.

UNLIMITED number of participants
NO monthly subscription fees and NO extra single use fees
UNLIMITED conference length
UNLIMITED number of conferences
Conference recording
Every caller is charged THE STANDART RATE, when calling the conference telephone number 0882-811-100 , on the basis of his/her operator’s rate
NO internet connection or computer is required
The Service is available 24 / 7
Any kind of telephone connections can be used
Access to detailed INFORMATION and STATISTICS for the conferences.

In order to use the service, you need to create your own user profile.[Sign up]

Upon registration each user is given two access codes: user access code and moderator access code. All participants dial 0882-811-100. Regular participants enter the user access code while the moderator enters the moderator code. The conference starts when the first participant enters it. The conference ends when the last participant hangs up.

For more information, please contact Mtel at *88.