Conference Touch-Tone Quick Reference


  Hint: Buttons shown in red are moderator only options.
Terminates the conference and excludes all participants. Moderators only.
Pressing the "0" button terminates the conference for all participants. However, if the moderator simply hangs up the phone, the conference will still continue in "Conversation" mode, regardless of the mode beforehand.
Hear the number of participants and their recorded names
Enable / Disable Entry and Exit schimes. Moderators only.
The moderator can set up the presence of notification when a participant enters and leaves the conference.
Hold / Unhold the conversation
Hear the Help menu
Lock / Unlock the conference. Moderators only.
When the moderator activates this option, he/she locks the conference, i.e., doesn’t allow more participants to join the conference. Pressing "5" again, unlocks the conference.
Mute / Unmute - mutes or unmutes your own microphone.
Change the conference mode. Moderators only.
When the moderator presses "7", the conference switches to one of the following modes:
  • "Conversation" mode - this mode provides an un-muted conference in which all participants can speak freely.
  • "Question and Answer" mode - this mode allows participants to un-mute themselves by pressing "6" allowing for a ‘question and answer’ to take place. Participants initially enter the conference with muted microphones.
  • "Presentation" mode- this mode automatically mutes participants when they enter the conference, enabling them to listen without being able to speak to others during the conference. Only the moderator is allowed to speak.
Mute / Unmute all. Moderators only.
Mutes or unmutes all conference participants, except the moderator.
Conference recording on / off. Moderators only.
Starts or stops conference audio recording.